Touring and Meeting our manufactures + Picking up our new swim!

Touring and Meeting our manufactures + Picking up our new swim!

What a day yesterday was, we got the incredible opportunity to come over to Bali to pick up our brand new swim collection and tour our beautiful manufactures warehouse, getting to see the behind the scenes of where all our pieces are made which was pretty cool. Getting to talk to the beautiful people who create my designs was just so surreal getting to see how much work and talent that goes into our swim. From meeting the owner of the factory who started the business from scratch, to the beautiful Mel who made it all happen and of course the sewers, designers and everyone in between.    

Fun fact as well our manufactures rescued 11 dogs and 17 cats so its pet central around here and i am not complaining!


I left feeling so inspired getting to see how much potential i have with so many brands in there producing alot of swim to say the least! I really pride myself in our ethical practises and getting to finally tour the factory was just so cool. Our factory operates completely ethically and sustainably and we count our makers more as friends then anything else. Heres some facts about their ethics.

  • Every lunchtime, they provide freshly cooked healthy meal for their workers.
  • There facility is fully air-conditioned on par with any western establishment.
  • They support and donate to Bali Street Mums who are devoted to the welfare & education of women & children without basic necessities.
  • All of our employees are paid well over the minimum wage & receive 13 months salary a year; the extra month paid when they take their yearly leave.
  • We provide free medical insurance covering doctors’ fees, prescribed medication & hospitalisation to each employee & their spouse & up to three children.
  • Every lunchtime, we provide one freshly cooked healthy meal.
  • Every morning we provide a glass of fresh juice with Vitamin C, D, B & E to all.
  • Overtime is up to the individual’s choice to work or not. We pay double wages for the first 1.5 hours & three times for additional hours worked.


At sunchaser we will continue to strive for the most ethical practises and its something thats close to my heart. Producing in Bali is definitely not the cheapest option but i will always opt for the most ethically and best quality swim out.

On another note while we were at the factory i got to pick up our new swim collection and to say i am obsessed is an understatement. This collection has been in the works for almost a year now and to see the finished pieces in real life truly felt so surreal. More to come on that launch very soon! Enjoy a little sneak peak below!


There is so much goodness to come, thankyou all for your ongoing support!

Lotta love,

Scarlett xx

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