Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, we have a passion for protecting our environment and its people. We provide surfwear that give you ease of mind making you feel good both in and out!


At sunchaser we take sustainability seriously, we strive to provide pieces with limited impact on our mama earth. As of august 2021, we pledged to sustainability in all future products. This means sustainability in all aspects of our brand including the fabrics we use and the way our manufactures are treated. We take pride in taking our part for the better of our planet and its people.



Our beautiful makers are located in Indonesia on the beautiful island of Bali. When choosing our manufacture, we ensured that our makers are treated and treating the environment fairly and sustainably. We had the privilege of meeting our makers earlier this year, sharing so many similar values to them in the terms of ethics and sustainability. We are heading over to Bali in December 2023 to visit the factory.

Treatment of Employees

  • Every lunchtime, they provide freshly cooked healthy meal for their workers.
  • There facility is fully air-conditioned on par with any western establishment.
  • They support and donate to Bali Street Mums who are devoted to the welfare & education of women & children without basic necessities.
  • All of our employees are paid well over the minimum wage & receive 13 months salary a year; the extra month paid when they take their yearly leave.
  • We provide free medical insurance covering doctors’ fees, prescribed medication & hospitalisation to each employee & their spouse & up to three children.
  • Every lunchtime, we provide one freshly cooked healthy meal.
  • Every morning we provide a glass of fresh juice with Vitamin C, D, B & E to all.
  • Overtime is up to the individual’s choice to work or not. We pay double wages for the first 1.5 hours & three times for additional hours worked.


Our newest swimwear collection fabric is Repreve. Repreve is made from post-consumer waste, such as carpets, discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles. It is a super buttery soft fabric that will hug your body in all the ways you want it too. By creating our swimmers out of repreve we hope to make you feel good inside and out about what your wearing.

Repreve have recycled nearly 40 billion plastic bottles as of Sep 2023

Read more on our FABRICS page



Our swimwear is wrapped individually in biodegradable and compostable Avani bags. These bags decompose within 24 hours in any landfill .Our tissue paper is made from recycled materials along with our thank you cards. Our mailers are also made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

As a brand we consciously make these choices to help our environment rather than choosing cheaper and un ethical options. As new sustainable materials and options come up we are constantly adapting and striving toward the most sustainable options.