Creating swimwear thats good for the planet!

Did you know our swimwear is made entirely out of recycled plastics found in our oceans. Our signature fabric Repreve gives new life to plastics, primarily post consumer plastic bottles. They take yesterdays waste and give it a new life as a sustainable fibre, with hopes of doing more with less. Repreve has recycled around 39 billion plastic bottles as of September 2023.

Our swimwear is also digitally printed with OEKO-TEX certified dyes, this means there are no harmful chemicals used in the printing process, benefiting the planets and humans health.

The process of creating Repreve goes like this:


Source recycled waste.

Recycled bottles and post-industrial waste are collected worldwide.


Clean and flake.

Waste material is chopped, ground, washed, and turned into flake to remove contaminants.


Make the Resin.

Waste flake is melted and reformulated into high-quality REPREVE® resin.


Form the fiber.

Resin is melted into liquid polymer and extruded to form fiber. From there, it is spun and air-jet textured into yarn.

Its just as simple as that, through using recycled instead of virgin polyester we are producing fewer carbon emission and giving plastics bottles a second life keeping them out of landfill and our oceans.

As a brand we made the conscious choice to not go the cheapest virgin polyester route but to use Repreve as its not only good for the planet but one of the most high quality swimwear fabrics out and not to mention its oh so buttery soft.

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